Nosey the Dog

Character Profile

Nosey the dog belongs to Sol and Miriam, and also loves to spend time with Supernatural Sid. He seems to know when the kids are in need of his assistance and cheers them up with puppy kisses. Nosey sometimes forgets his size and jumps up into Supernatural Sids arms. Hes protective and loyal, and even though hes yet to visit the virtual world of the Biblical past, he eagerly awaits a pet-friendly invention to make that possible.

More Main Characters

Miriam Shuleman

Six-year-old Miriam is Supernatural Sid’s niece, and Sol’s younger sister. She follows her brother everywhere and doesn’t mind pushing his buttons.
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Sol Shuleman

Ten-year-old Sol is Supernatural Sid’s nephew, and Miriam’s older brother. He is fascinated by his uncle’s stories, and always finds a compelling treasure in Supernatural Sid’s mansion.
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Supernatural Sid

Supernatural Sid, a.k.a. ‘Uncle’ Supernatural Sid, to his niece and nephew, is the host of the “It’s Supernatural” TV Program, investigator of the supernatural, archeologist, and inventor!
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