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Supernatural Sid is a new animated Bible series by Sid Roth, host of It’s Supernatural! 

The series aims to teach your children how to walk in the supernatural by taking them back to biblical times with Sid as their mentor. Your children and grandchildren will learn valuable lessons from stories in both the Old and New Testaments, and they will also understand how to truly apply the principles they learn – including how to move in the supernatural of God – to their own lives! 

Learn more about the series by reading our Series Overview article

We will launch Supernatural Sid beginning with a trilogy of exclusive episodes.

After the release of the first three exclusive episodes, our plan is to venture into a series unlike any other, with future episodes further developing our characters and delving into more stories of the supernatural, miracles, and teachings from the Bible.

Visit our Characters page to read bios for the main characters and recurring supporting characters that will be featured in Supernatural Sid.

We will be dubbing Supernatural Sid into many different languages so families all around the world can watch. We will share more information about the release of different translations here on our website as we continue through the development process for the series.

We would like for this series to be on as many digital platforms as possible. Currently, we are full steam ahead on developing the first lineup of episodes for the series and that is taking up most of our time and resources. As we continue through the development process for the series, we will expand our focus to consider a mobile app.

The best way to support Supernatural Sid is to consider supporting us financially. Anything you give here will be used toward the ongoing development of Supernatural Sid.

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