Introducing “Bringing Supernatural Sid to Life” – Taking You On a Journey Behind the Scenes of Supernatural Sid 

As our artists, animation team, and producers are diligently working across the United States, Australia, and the Philippines to bring you the first episode of Supernatural Sid, we want to continue sharing our journey with you. Entering the world of animation production is a brand-new endeavor for our ministry, and we hope you enjoy learning more about Supernatural Sid and the production process as much as we are!

What better way to bring you deeper into the world of Supernatural Sid, introduce you to our process, and the team behind it, than by creating a new behind-the-scenes series called “Bringing Supernatural Sid to Life.”

Each article and video released as part of the “Bringing Supernatural Sid to Life” series will take you on a deeper dive into the creative process. From writing the original script to creating the characters and art. From glimpsing the original stages of storyboarding to the animatics that go into creating the animation, and to finally joining in watching our first episode’s public release.

To get you excited about this new, upcoming collection of articles and videos, check out the short, new video below from our art director for Supernatural Sid. We are positive you’ll see why our excitement continues to grow over this show, and we hope you’ll join us in prayer as we thank God for His provision in making this animated Bible series come to life for children and families around the world.

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